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Using Schoology at Dublin: Home


This page is the home for all things Schoology at Dublin School. It is a "living" page and will be updated from time to time. Announcements will be sent out when updates occur.

Below are step by step procedures for new faculty. Also find links to log in to your account and also to view all of Schoology's training videos.



Here is a good introduction to the platform. We encourage new faculty to take a look.

Using Schoology Overview


But don’t be afraid to log right into and start poking around.



You’ll find a list of the students in your class and can access their profiles here. Only schoology admins can add or delete members.



Take your classroom attendance here. No need to mark a student present, only mark if student is absent late or excused. you can also write a note in the attendance regarding a student on any particular day


how to:



Faculty at Dublin School can set up their grading environment to their liking. Schoology allows you to create user defined categories that can be weighted to a teachers wishes. Some popular categories include; classroom participation, tests, homework, journal, project etc. You will reference these categories when creating assignments


Setting up categories


Adjusting weight of categories


Grading Scales


Gradebook Comments


Final Grade Settings



All course assignments, including tests, must be created in schoology in order for the gradebook to work efficiently. Used properly, Schoology is a powerful tool for creating a blended learning experience. A teacher can add audio, video or external links in the assignment interface. Any assignment can be saved as a resource. One can create an entire syllabus to be reused in full or in part in future trimesters.


Creating Assignments


Grading Assignments


Modify Assignment Profile


Assignment Submissions


Advanced Assignment Options



The stuff that assignments are made of. Create original material within schoology. Link to your favorite websites. Upload a document. Embed a video. Build a test. And more...


Creating Folders


Add Course Materials


Add Materials to folder


Creating Test/Quiz Questions


Using Tests and Quizzes

Using Discussions


Creating Pages



Essentially this is a repository of materials that you use. They can be placed into folders for greater organization. As mentioned above, assignments can be saved as a resource, as can all materials; a link, a file, a quiz, etc…


Add Personal Resources


Edit Personal Resources


Resource Options


Academic Coordinator